2012年には作品集4冊刊行する。『天界トリップ』『ベイビー・シャワー・ストーリー』(ともに河出書房新社)『I SAW A LOT OF FAIRIES - 妖精の行く道』2012(ERECT Lab.)、漫画単行本『MWUAI』などがある。

かつて恵比寿にあったP-house Galleryで2000年に展覧会を行う。その頃から漫画という枠からはみ出るということに重要性を感じ始める。



「原点に立ち戻る事」それが今私達にとって必要な事のような気がしています。太古の昔から、私たちは深く感じる事で新しい進化を遂げてきたとも言えると考えております。「感じる」という感覚は非常に重要な要素です。しかし、日々の生活の中で少しづつ薄れて行ってしまう気がします。 私の絵は深い感覚の部屋の奥の方から紡ぎ出している絵です。その形のない世界では皆繋がっているのだと思います。」


Drawing, painting, manga, animation and more: fundamentally a drawing artist who practices across a wide range of media.
She works in pencil to produce drawings primarily of animals and spirits.
The artist has held numerous solo exhibitions throughout Japan, and participated in group shows in New York, Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco amongst others.
In 2012, four of her art books were published:’Heaven’s Trip’and‘Baby Shower Story’(by Kawade Shobo Shinsha publishers); the collected volume of manga‘I SAW A LOT OF FAIRIES’(by ERECT Lab.), and‘MWUAI’(Daitokai).
In June 2013, her drawings of mythical beasts and gods were exhibited on 12 of the show windows at Isetan’s Shinjuku flagship store.
In 2014, she collaborated on an art book with Shinya Masako - designer of AHCAHCUM.muchacha − published by Rikuyosha. She is currently working on a special-format edition art book.

Artist. 1978 Born in Kyoto.
I make drawings mostly in pencil, with animals and gods as my subject matter.
1998 Graduated from the Graphic Design Course at Kyoto Saga University of Arts Junior College, Kyoto.
Cartoons and fairy tales have inspired KYOTARO.
Since she was a child she has been interested in mangas and picture books as well as psychedelic paintings.
1999 Moved to Tokyo After having her first solo exhibition at P-House in Ebisu (Tokyo) in 2000, she realized the importance of going beyond the field of manga.

Name:Aoki Kyoko
Interested In:Men
By having taken the pen-name of a man I hope that my work will be viewed from a position of neutrality.I have used this name since 1996, to create a place from which I can freely express myself in my practice.

I hope that you will view the name KYOTARO as a kind of icon.
From the name KYOTARO I gain power; I gain the ability to create work.

I hope to continue in this way, always as though offering the viewer a kind of gift.

"To come back to the origin."I believe this is now what we all need to do.I think that since the dawn of time, we have evolved by having deep feelings."To feel" is a very important element.However, I sense that it gradually becomes weaker in our everyday life.My drawings spin out of the deepest places of a room of profound sensations.I think we are all connected through this shapeless world.